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Product and Process

Maximum efficiency from the earliest stages of development to production

Agricultural Machinery

Overmek is present in the agricultural sector with production and supply directly to major international machinery and tractors manufacturers of safety products such as cabin supports and pipe components for ROPS and FOPS structures, aesthetic components such as grids and panels, and under hood structural work.
Construction Machinery

Overmek provides a wide range of panelling, handholds, tanks and structural works for installation on many types of earth moving machines, including tracked and wheeled excavators and Backhoes.
Material Handling

Overmek is able to offer customised solutions for the entire metal panelling range in this sector, mainly featuring forklifts and telescopic machines. The range of products also includes oil and diesel tanks.


Overmek is constantly engaged in the search for solutions aimed at continuous improvement for product use and related production processes.
We seek solutions that will meet the emerging needs of customers and the market, to ensure constant innovation in terms of Efficiency, Reliability and Competitiveness.
Our production processes, especially in the most critical execution phases, are monitored and controlled as they are completely under our direct management. This also allows for the introduction of increasingly safer and more efficient production methodologies.


Through the management and implementation of a wide range of simulations, Overmek is able to preliminarily evaluate and optimise the performance required for its products. This activity allows for evaluation starting as early as the prototype phase, and the achievement of desired performance in line with the most stringent benchmarks for different application areas.

The engineering of Overmek products, within the Tiberina Group Off-Highway Platform, can count on a strong Group synergy. This integration enables us to bring new state-of-the-art and highly industrialised constructive and productive experiences to our products and to Co-Design activities.